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CS:GO and CS 2 Betting with 1xBet

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive takes a well-deserved place in the top 3 most popular e-sports disciplines, and 1xbet does not stand aside, providing a section for betting on CS:GO. Annual major championships attract bettors, and the bookmaker is actively adding new markets and events.

1xbet is certainly known as one of the most reliable online bookmakers. Particularly popular is due to the variety of opportunities for betting on sports. If you are interested in CS:GO and want to start betting, 1xBet provides all the latest information on the biggest events and offers high odds.

What is a shooter?

The shooter is considered a popular video game, occupying a leading position in the eSports charts. The game was released more than 20 years ago, and the first version quickly won the hearts of fans of competitive shooters. Although no one then could have foreseen such a stunning success. In 2000, the Valve team joined the development of the shooter. Currently, the main version for competitions is CS 1.6.


Over the past two decades, many different games have been released in the series, from Condition Zero with a single-player campaign to Source, created on the new engine from Valve. The most modern version of the game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is constantly updated with new maps. Tournaments include events with prize pools sometimes exceeding a million dollars, highlighting the popularity and importance of this esports discipline.

How to place bets

Anyone can register on the 1xbet website and start betting in just a few minutes. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Register via email, social networks or phone number;
  2. Top up your account and you are guaranteed to earn a welcome bonus;
  3. Go to the “Esports” section and select an event;
  4. Click on the appropriate coefficient;
  5. In the coupon that opens, enter the amount and select the bet type.

It is also recommended that all beginners familiarize themselves with the basic set of rules. Firstly, the bookmaker sums up the results after the end of the confrontation. Secondly, one round lasts 2 minutes. Actions taken after this time are not included in the summing up. In addition, the minimum bet amount is $0.10, and the maximum is calculated separately for each event.

The game is quite difficult to predict, so you need to decide on the team and the type of bet in advance. A distinctive feature is the wide playing line. The list of events offered includes championships and tournaments. Both local and international events are taken into account. You will be able to bet on the winner of the match, total, handicap, exact score of the match.

Almost every event has about 50-100 outcomes. This helps players choose the best option and still win money. 1xbet’s margin is one of the lowest on the Internet, and the odds are high. That’s why many bettors focus on betting on Counter Strike.

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What is CS:GO and how is it played?

This is the most popular shooter of our time. It all comes down to a confrontation between two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists. Players compete in five different modes: normal, competitive, arms race, object destruction, deathmatch.

To win the round, you must destroy the entire enemy team, defuse a bomb, or, if you play as terrorists, cause a bomb to explode. Players can purchase weapons and various ammunition to increase their chances of success in the match.

In official Valve tournaments, each match consists of 30 rounds, with two halves of 15 cycles. The team that wins 16 rounds is the winner. Each round lasts 2 minutes, but if a bomb is planted, the countdown begins – 45 seconds remain until the explosion.

Time can be a terrorist’s ally in the event of a bomb attack, allowing them to strategically hold out and wait for counter-terrorists who are likely to try to attack. These tactical elements make the shooter exciting and strategically rich.

what is csgo

Reasons to try betting on CS:GO at 1xBet

The popularity of the shooter in eSports is justified, and despite many other games, the discipline occupies a leading position in ratings and views. Counter-Strike has become a true classic of e-sports and is recognized as the first e-sports discipline back in the days of WCG.

The advantages of a shooter are that the results depend on the skills of the players, who must demonstrate quick reactions and the ability to play as a team. The bookmaker offers comfortable conditions, including low margins and high odds, fast and hassle-free withdrawals, a huge selection of markets, a welcome bonus and 24/7 customer support.

Are bets safe?

1xbet is a popular bookmaker that provides the opportunity to bet on the most high-profile events. Beginners choosing a bookmaker often prefer 1xBet because of its popularity and good reputation. The bookmaker also actively uses modern data protection methods and guarantees fair payouts, which ensures safety when placing bets.

What are the biggest events

Tournaments are held regularly, and the prize pools are impressive. Let’s highlight the top events:

  • Major : the most prestigious tournament series in which a million dollars are up for grabs. 24 top teams in the world are fighting for this tasty morsel. This happens once a year;
  • ESL Pro League: A top esports league focused on Europe, Asia, North and South America. The tournament is held once a year, and the prize fund is $750,000;
  • BLAST Premier : eSports league founded in 2020. It consists of two seasons: spring and autumn, followed by a global finale. The prize fund is $1,375,000;
  • Flashpoint : The league has replaced the Esports Championship Series. The prize fund is one million dollars.

Not every team can take part in these competitions. Only the best of the best are selected. But, thanks to betting on 1xbet, everyone can win in matches.


To receive qualified and timely assistance from support specialists, you can use email. You can also order a call back from specialists. Although it is easier to send a message in an online chat and receive a response from the manager within 1 minute.


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